Key Reasons Why You Need a Chimney Liner

Why you need chimney liner

A chimney liner is one of the most important components of a chimney.  It is a channel that is made of metal, ceramic or clay. It is inserted inside the chimney for a variety of reasons. According to the best chimney sweep across the globe, chimney liner plays a vital role. In this post we will take a look at a few key reasons why you need a chimney liner.
1. Prevents overheating
A chimney liner not only safeguards the chimney masonry and joints from the fire heat but also it from corrosion. Chimney corrosion can affect the chimney’s performance and lifespan. A chimney without a liner is exposed to a number of gases, smoke and fire heat. Consequently, the chimney structure gets eroded which can cause gas leakages and loss of energy.

2. Prevention of chimney Fires
Every year thousands of households across the States suffer huge losses because of chimney fire. As a responsible citizen, you must search for a good service provider for chimney inspection and cleaning near you. Besides, having a good chimney liner installed helps prevent chimney fires.

3. Improved energy efficiency
If you want to enhance the energy efficiency of your chimney then having a chimney liner is a must. It helps minimize the loss of heat and maintain a consistent air-flow within the chimney. Due to this you do not need to add fuel every now and then. If you feel that your chimney liner is not functioning properly, you must call professional chimney sweeps for a thorough inspection.

4. Availability of chimney liners in different materials
Chimney liners are available in a variety of materials such as clay, metal and concrete. Clay and concrete chimney liners are prone to damages caused due to cracks and heat damage. This is not the case with metal chimney liners.

5. Reduces soot build-up
You might be aware that soot and creosote are extremely flammable and difficult to clean. A chimney liner helps prevent creosote build-up and makes maintenance much easier.

6. Prevention of toxic gases
Fireplaces produce toxic gases such as carbon monoxide which can be deadly and life-threatening. It is important to safely route these toxic gases out of your house. That’s what a chimney liner does. It helps exhaust toxic gases out of your house in a safe manner. In order to make sure that these deadly gases do not leak back indoors, you need to have a well-functioning chimney liner in place.

It is highly recommended that you use a chimney with a chimney liner. Besides, get your chimney inspected on a regular basis to ensure safety and good performance of your chimney. It is important from fire-prevention point of view as well.


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